ASE Caspian Group partnering our clients to provide :

Alternative Solutions and Engineering – Representation

    • Industry specific consulting expertise
    • Market analysis, go to market and sales strategy
    • Optimise negotiation, sales & marketing, and bid management effectiveness

Access to Senior Executives :

  • Access to joint venture, consortium agreement partner
  • High-level introductions to key suppliers, clients and partners

Applications Swiftly Executed:

  • Expeditious provision of licenses for company formation
  • Business planning, financing and banking advice

Assistance in Site Establishment:

  • Establish local offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities in region.

Access Specific Expertise:

  • Compliance with local content both regulatory and PSA requirements
  • Risk management, employee benefits and insurance advisory
  • Local and international accountancy integration service
  • Unique local and international legal guidance
  • Safety, contingency planning and crisis response

Acclimatised Skilled Employees:

  • Support in recruitment, training and development of your local workforce
  • Expat settlement, familiarisation and coaching
  • HR support and reward benchmarking

Alternative Solutions and Engineering – Services

  • Industrial specific services

 Extensive Regional Experience

  • Over 20 years’ experience delivering services in the Caspian region

Fully Registered in all Countries

    • 100% Local Ownership
    • Licenses to operate
    • Category 1 engineering license Kazakhstan
    • Joint Venture in Uzbekistan

Access to Highly Skilled and Experienced Personnel

  • Experience in all listed services

Equipment to Provide all Services

    • Equipment located in all countries
    • Strategic local partner support

Facilities & Infrastructure

    • In each country